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How can I get an account?
SSA E-Mail Settings
Who is eligible for an SSA account?
What is the size limitation for attachments?
How do I report SPAM?
Where can I find the Antivirus Software?
What other home use software is available for spouses?
I am having a problem with the IT Security test.  What should I do?



How can I get an account?

Spouses of Schlumberger employees are eligible for a Directory (LDAP) record and email account on ssafara.net.  It is not required to use an SSA email address to have a directory account, but you do need the directory account in order to use the SSA website.  If you do not want an email account, please state this in the request, and give an email address that you would like listed in your record.

SSA LDAP Record is required to login to the secure area of the New SSA Website.


 Email  ssa-support@slb.comwith the following information for the record creation.


Your Full name:
Your  Surname:
Your Preferred name (Name usually given to an individual by the individual's parent, or chosen by the individual, or by which the individual is commonly known.)
Your spouse's name (the Schlumberger employee)
City:  where you are living
 Email:  Do you want an SSA email account on @ssafara.net? 

            (Note this is not required, you may list any email address in the SSA Directory)

If you prefer not to use an SSA email account, what email address should be listed in your directory record?

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SSA Email Settings

Download a document with settings and screenshots

  •  Eudora 7.1
  •  Outlook 2007
  •  Mac Mail

Incoming and outgoing mail server: ssa.mail.slb.com

  • incoming mail port 995
  • outgoing (SMTP) port 465
  • DO enable SSL




  • Use ssa.mail.slb.com for both incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail.

  • If you use your ISP's outgoing SMTP setting, you may continue to use it.

  • The incoming mail port is 995

  • The outgoing (SMTP) port is 465

  • You must select SSL

  • Also be sure to select "my server requires authentication" if it there an option for your mail client.   Authentication is required  for both incoming and outgoing mail.


In Eudora, you won't need to enter the port settings for incoming and outgoing mail.

In the Checking Mail category, under "Secure sockets when receiving" select "Required, Alternate Port" If you are also using ssa.mail.slb.com for sending mail,
then select the same setting under Secure sockets when sending" select "Required, Alternate Port"

The first time checking mail Eudora users may get a pop-up window that says, "The server's SSL certificate was rejected...Cert Chain not trusted. Do you want to trust this certificate in future sessions?" Click Yes.

If you do not get a pop up window and also cannot check mail then you may need to add the SSL certification manually:

  • On Eudora menu bar, select 'Tools' | 'Options.'
  • Under 'Category', select ‘Checking Mail.'
  • Then click the 'Latest SSL Info' button.
  • Select the renewed Schlumberger certificate in the ‘Server Certificates' tab.
  • Or, click "Certificate Information Manager" (it looks like a large button at the bottom of the pop up window)
  • Then select the Schlumberger certificate "AN, Schlumberger, service, *.mail.slb.com" (It may be marked with a skull and crossbonses - this means it is not trusted yet)
  • Click 'Add to Trusted.'
  • Click 'Done.'
  • A message showing that negotiation status is 'Succeeded' will appear.
  • Click 'OK.'

If you use an older version of Eudora, you may need to upgrade. The certificate may not automatically load to your trusted certificates.
in older versions of Eudora. Eudora is freely available on www.eudora.com


Outlook Express users report that finding the place to enter the settings is not very intuitive.
All settings are under "Advanced" except for for setting the authentication for outgoing mail.
There is a separate button on the "Servers" tab for "outgoing server requires authentication"

In some mail clients, the first time you check mail you may receive a certificate notice. If this occurs, do accept the certificate.
This will add the Schlumberger security certificate to your Trusted Certificates. See "Eudora Users" above for details on how to trust the certificate in Eudora.

To change your email password, login to the SSA Gateway.  If you cannot login to the Gateway, contact SSA Support ssa-support@slb.com

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Who is eligible for an SSA account?

Any spouse of a Schlumberger employee is eligible.

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What is the size limitation for attachments?

The size of each incoming email message to your account is 5MB.
This size is reduced to about 3.6MB if you use the web interface https://ssa.mail.slb.com, because of the web overhead.

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How do I report SPAM?

SPAM should be reported to our Anti-Spam software provider, Sophos, at is-spam@labs.sophos.com as a text attachment.
This helps Sophos to define our perimeter rules, which evolve based on the current threats.

Please note that forwarded message must be in attachment format (Forward as Attachment). A simple forward will not be accepted by the processing server at Sophos.

To do this from the Outlook 2007 email client:

  • Open a new email and address it to is-spam@labs.sophos.com
  • Select the Attack Item icon
  • Find the offending NDR mail and attach it.
  • Send the mail.
  • For Eudora client:
  • Open the spam message.
  • Click on the 'Blahblahblah' icon in the message toolbar. This will show you the full headers.


If the SPAM occurs very frequently, you may also contact SSA Support and the issue will be reviewed by the Global Messaging admin team with Sophos. Please do include only the spam header as a text attachment to your request. Please do not send SSA Support all of your spam, a sample will do.

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Where can I find the Antivirus Software?

In 2010 We switched home use antivirus software from McAfee Antivirus to Microsoft Security Essentials.

Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. The free antivirus program is accessible from the Hub link above, or directly from Microsoft Website at http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/resources.aspx

Cost to user:  Free

Support is directly through Microsoft. http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/
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What other home use software is available for spouses?

Microsoft Office is available for home use. 

The software must be ordered by a Schlumberger employee or contractor, using the Schlumberger email address.
Cost to user:  $10.00

The service is not supported by the Schlumberger Global Helpdesk, but by Microsoft via Digital River.

Support:  https://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/contactus.aspx

Order Support by Digital River
1-877-237-3165 (Toll free for customers calling within the United States)

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I am having a problem with the IT Security test.  What should I do?

The IT Security test is disabled, you do not have to take the test.  If you have a problem connecting to the services, please contact SSA Support.

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