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Dear SSA members,

The SSA Global Board is announcing Calls for Applications for the following available Global positions:

- SSA Africa Area Coordinator

- SSA Middle East Area Coordinator

- SSA North America Area Coordinator

All Global Board positions are for a two-year term. Global Board Members may reapply for a further two-year term and will be considered along with other applicants.

All SSA Members, with the exception of Schlumberger employees (including dual career), are entitled to hold any position on the SSA Global Board. Applicants to any Global Board position must be active members with experience on a Local Board. Global Board applicants should be dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic with excellent organizational, management and communication skills; diplomatic and compassionate team players with the ability to meet deadlines.

All SSA positions, including positions on the SSA Global Board, are volunteer positions for SSA members. SSA members serving as Area Coordinators must live in the Area.

Below you will find the position description. In order to apply to any of these positions, candidates must submit a letter of interest and a CV to Elsa Scheffler, SSA Global Coordinator ( and Evelyn Bicelis, SSA Global Communications Coordinator ( before Monday, April 24th, 2017.

Please note that the language used within the SSA and the Global Board is English. It is a requirement for all Global Board applicants to be fluent in English (written and spoken).


The SSA Area Coordinator position entails:

  • Membership on the SSA Global Board
  • Communicating and being familiar with all SSA Chapters and ‘isolated’ spouses/partners in the Area
  • Voting on SSA policies as a member of the SSA Global Board
  • Knowledge of all Schlumberger locations within the area
  • Representing the area at SSA Global Board meetings
The SSA Area Coordinator is responsible for:
  • Providing help and support to the Chapters in the Area
  • Providing a point of contact for all SSA Chapters in the area
  • Receiving regularly from the Schlumberger the names of employees who have confirmed acceptance ofletters of assignment requiring relocation and passing these names to the appropriate SSA ChaptersCoordinators
  • Providing a point of contact for Schlumberger Area and GeoMarket Managers
  • Attending SSA Global Board meetings
  • Communicating regularly, at least monthly, with SSA Global Coordinator
  • Communicating regularly with the rest of the SSA Board
  • Submitting bi-annual updates to SSA Global Coordinator, Global Communications Coordinator and Global Secretary.
  • Mediating and, if possible, resolving problems arising within Chapters and relaying this information to the SSA Global Coordinator
  • Preparing and submitting an Area Coordinator budget to the Global Coordinator by 31st August of each yearfor the upcoming year
  • Reviewing Chapter budgets prior to submission to Chapter’s local HR contact
  • Reviewing the articles submitted by the Chapters to Schlumberger magazines
  • Handing over to incoming SSA Area Coordinator
  • Acts as Administrator of the SSA Global Community Facebook Group
  • Share updated lists of Chapters members lists with the Global Communications Coordinator
  • Must be sensitive to the people and culture of the region

For questions or more information, email Elsa Scheffler (SSA Global Coordinator) at

We're looking forward to receiving applications from wonderful, enthusiastic SSA members. We need you to keep our Association alive and thriving!

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