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What is Med-Track?
Med Track is a Health Monitoring Program administered by International SOS in Paris, France for Schlumberger's high mobility population.
Med Track is a medical examination or health assessment that can be performed in any medical center. It can also be performed in any of the International SOS recommended medical centers.
The objective of Med Track is to ensure that high mobility staff employees and their dependents where applicable are fit to travel, work and live outside their home country and to maintain a confidential medical record for each individual that can be used in case of emergencies, hospitalization or medical evacuation.
The regular Med-Track medical examination is proposed every 3 years and includes:
A complete clinical examination
Blood, urine and stool analyses
Chest X-ray
Electrocardiogram (resting)
Vaccination updating 

HSE for Youth HSE for Youth


The Schlumberger HSE for Youth Program mobilizes employees and their spouses to share expertise within our communities — informing and empowering young people to make responsible, safe, globally- and personally-considered decisions regarding Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

Who: Schlumberger employees, especially HSE, spouses, and other motivated people are encouraged to coordinate and participate in creative HSE for Youth workshops for 6–18 year olds. 
What: A locally adaptable program to empower youth in the seven focus areas: Injury Prevention, Personal Security, Road Safety, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Water, Climate Change. 
Where: Wherever Schlumberger operates. 
When: HSE is now! Workshops can be organized anytime throughout the year. 
How: Toolkits are available to organize workshops in each of the seven focus area. All content is 'learner-centered' and based on Schlumberger as well as external expertise. The HSE for Youth team provides training to support volunteers and also guidance throughout the implementation process. 
For more information:Contact your local Schlumberger HSE manager.

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